Color Blind Blood Trailing & Testimonials

Even though BLOODVISION™ eyewear were designed to enhance regular visioned users, we have gotten a lot of inquiries about whether our products would work for color blind individuals. They do!

color blind hunter

In the Ishihara Test image above you should see the number seventy four. If your don't see it or you see another number then you may be red/green color impaired.

Color blindness, also known as color vision deficiency, is the decreased ability to see color or differences in color. One in eight males are color deficient and the vast majority of these are red/green color impaired.This can make blood trailing game difficult if not impossible for most color blind hunters.

BLOODVISION™ glasses utilize the OptiChromatic™ technology to filter the full spectrum of light for blood trailing. All the colors of the spectrum, except for the blood red, are muted. The result for red/green color blind hunters is that they can now see blood red on greens and browns that were not possible before the invention of this blood tracking eyewear.

Our experience with over 70 red/green color deficient hunters at the ATA Archery show were that they could see blood on the ground for the first time. They were tested in both day and night environments. We are confident our blood trailing glasses will help you whether you have regular vision or RG color deficiencies.


The following video has testimonials from our customers, many of them are colorblind.